Who we are

About Nation Hopes
Nation Hopes is a nonprofit organization founded with the aim to provide response for meeting needs of the growing number of orphans in South Sudan as result of the civil war, HIV/AIDs malaria and hunger, who never have any opportunity for education, family, medical care, clothing, safe drinking water and food.

Target Group & Eligibility

1) Age 3 years to 7 years is the targeted age for admission.

2) He/She must be a genuine orphan and homeless.

3) There will be no bias based on ethnic or political affiliation of the child’s relatives.

4) Selection criteria is based purely on the child’s vulnerability


To be the best care home for orphans in South Sudan and the region


Nation Hopes aims to establish sustainable loving homes which provide Orphans with BasicNeeds Such as Food, Shelter, Education, Clothes, safety, Medical Care, Recreation, Parental guidance and Vocational training.


1) ​To provide orphans with adequate nutritious and healthy food every day

2) To provide a suitable home for the orphans with all necessary amenities.

3) To provide orphans with quality Education for a secured Livelihood.

4) To provide orphans with a good Medical care and ensure they enjoy a happy, healthy life.

5) Provide Parental guidance, Spiritual guidance and Love.

6) Ensure orphans are protected from all forms of abuse and discrimination

Core Values

1) Integrity

2) Neutrality

3) Non-violence

4) Commitment