about us

The conflict in South Sudan has displaced thousands of women and children, many of whom have been struggling to find homes. We know the plight of these children, and that is why we have partnered with many who care. We are building them homes, creating environments of learning and love. They deserve a chance as much as any other. Join us and lets take care of these kids.

More About us

  Scope Of Operations

Nation Hope works with international and the local government in South Sudan, to protect and advance the needs of orphans.

Model Of Operation

In partnership with local NGOs and local government, Nation Hopes coordinates efforts to assist the homeless/orphans

Our Team

We have a group of highly committed individuals who keep our goal alive and consistent with our mode of operation.

At Nation Hopes, we believe every orphan deserves a future

That is why we are working with many partners in order to help many of the displaced Orphans in South Sudan. Our work would not be achieved without the help of kind donors like yourself.

How you can help