It’s more than your story or why…

it’s your message. Starting out I had this all backward and it really created problems and years of searching, struggle. Took me a little while to figure that out. The reason I struggled. Kept working so hard. Riding that roller coaster of ups and downs. The whole online thing can take you down many roads.

Some get you lost and swirling out of control and it takes a lot of energy to refocus to get back on track. Find the direction you need to be going and stay on course. One month things were looking up then right back down. Back to ground zero. Lift myself back up, push forward, learn from the experience and keep moving on. That’s Life…That’s Business for everyone. So why should it be different for me, for you? You see the “rags to riches” stories.

Yet there are also the riches stories of those who may have never hit rock bottom but still reached the top. The process, journey, paths and roads to get there are different yet may have some similarities. Some commonality, some. That reinforces the capability of success. It is capable for anyone. But…only doable for those that complete the journey. Stay the course. That “adds” to your story. It Completes the story! Justifies the why you do it and there is no greater sense of accomplishment. Then…something happens. Your “why” changes.

There’s this great sense of gratitude and appreciation for things in life. A sense of “pay it forward”, giving back, helping others, teaching, educating. I learned was this is where to start. Where we should begin regardless of the story, why or circumstances we are facing in life or business. Educate people on choices they have of doing vs not doing. Consequences of making that choice.

Help those that want the help! Teach those that want it…how to use it. Understand what they do it it could or should surpass what you yourself have achieved. Don’t wait to pay it forward, give now and give often. Build those relationships. It starts with trust, gaining it, providing it. Leading with it. Your messaging should be about educating, teaching, showing. Be consistent in your message and others will follow and use it. –

Have conversation with people -Naturally earn trust -Grow your relationship with people That is what attracts people into our life and business. It’s about people so be a people person. Be you… It’s about the your messaging. That’s where it starts.

This system is all laid out for you. You don’t have to wait to be in a place to Pay It Forward when you can start doing it now.

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